We are a group of professionals who worked in IT industry for more than 20 years and seen it evolve. We have seen it change culture, working patterns, geographical spread, focus on customer experience and technology. We understand the nuisances and key challenges faced by service partners to make IT programs successful.

The leaders in the industry set new standards and leverage new technologies to develop better products and provide mind blowing customer experiences. As soon as new technologies enter the market, the industry leaders experiment with them to understand if they could be accelerators in meeting meet their business goals. Adoption of these new technologies means bringing in partners/vendors who have expertise in them and many a time this is where the efforts made by the companies slows down.

Companies make ambitious plans, bring in advisors and draw out a roadmap. But the struggle begins when it’s time to identify and form right team who is rightly skilled to realise the vision and roadmap. We are aware of this bottleneck and understand how this should be fixed. Our service offerings provide a way to alleviate this risk and ease the bottleneck in a way that increases the predictability of program success.